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Euphonic Conceptions, New Earth Musiq, Challenger Presents, CoSM & 1015 Folsom
in association with Beat Church & Ritual SF

with Alex and Allyson Grey
Alex Grey book signing and meet & greet at 7:30p


Teebs - NiT GriT - Gladkill
Thriftworks - MORRI$ - Noah D - KittyD
Mihkal - Smasheltooth - Wolfbitch - Slayers Club DJs

Squalid Squad - Nebakaneza - Johnny 5 - Dirt Monkey
Jason Burns - Nawte Kong - Hogwash - Magellan


~ Alex & Allyson Grey painting live all night
~ Additional Painting from Damon Soule & Roman Villagrana
~ Visuals & Projection mapping by Johnathan Singer & ElectroMagi
~ Early book signing / Meet & Greet with Alex Grey at 7:30pm
~ Dancing by Lucia & More, Aerials by Madame Burnz


4 Rooms of Music
Main Room: Alex & Allyson Grey , Nit Grit, Gladkill, Thriftworks
Upstairs: Beat Church
Downstairs: Ritual SF
Front Room: Slayers Club


Doors at 7pm
Book Signing & Meet and Greet with Alex Grey at 7:30
Music 10p-4a

21+ ONLY




Alex Grey :: How to Save the World Interview
34,640 views on YouTube

Teebs - Far From Home
39,217 views on YouTube

Alex Grey {By}
391,220 views on YouTube

NiT GriT "Bomber"
117,006 views on YouTube

Gladkill - Just A Thought [HD]
30,971 views on YouTube

Thriftwork - Greenie Beanies
30,551 views on YouTube
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Music can, quite literally, come to us by accident. A skateboarding injury took Teebs away from the parks, forcing him to focus on art. Before long, he had made a name for himself as a skillful painter. Bursting with dazzling colors, energy and form, his artworks could be found on canvases of every size, walls and covers for discs. From painting, Teebs then moved smoothly into the world of music.


At the start of his musical adventure, Teebs joined a collective of friends and producers who called themselves “My Hollow Drum”. Working within this crew allowed him to develop fresh ideas and perfect his production technique. By now he was fully immersed in music and art, moving in a creative milieu alongside local artistes he greatly admired. The creation of Ardour spans the two major periods in his life. After losing his job and finding himself with little or no money, Teebs moved into the same premises as Flying Lotus, sharing an apartment with fellow Brainfeeder artist Samiyam. This is where Ardour began to take shape.


Two years in the preparation, Ardour clearly illustrates the road Teebs has travelled. What he wants to convey, even more than the music, is a feeling. The notion of hearing THE thing you really love, the moment you know how truly special it is. As such, Ardour is considered to represent a vital contribution to the ever-increasing puzzle that is Los Angeles.
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One frequent criticism of electronic music is that its synthetically generated sounds lack the capacity to induce the same level of emotion as live instrumentation. San Jose producer NiT GRiT (Danny Beall) casts aside these doubts, shattering common misconceptions with his incredibly inspired and deeply personal sound. Feelings of rage, passion, betrayal, uncertainty, and other meaningful elements of the human experience are all distinctly present in the dark and brooding melodies woven from the very fabric of NiT GriT's imagination.


Completely unlike any other performance, NiT GriT appears on-stage as a living titan of bass, possessed as if infused with the colossal power of his own thunderous bass-lines. NiT GriT boldly demolishes genre norms, demonstrating beyond any doubt that even an often over-used formula can yield phenomenal results when imbued with deep personal honesty and a devout attention to the most minute details. His profound success as a self-built independent musician coupled with his heartfelt, soulful compositions serve as an inspiration to fans and fellow musicians alike. With nearly all of his tracks appearing almost instantaneously on SoundCloud's weekly "What's Hot" charts, NiT GriT has developed a reputation as an absolutely viral internet phenomenon. However, despite his rapid rise as a pioneer of the american Dubstep sound, NiT GriT remains a personal musical project, built from the ground up by the always- humble Danny Beall.
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Siberian born, New York raised producer and musician Boris G has been writing and performing as Gladkill since 2007. Drawing from years of musical experimenting with many genres and instruments, Gladkill combines several elements of electronic music to craft his signature sound. Gladkill can best be described as a combination of melodic IDM hip hop fused with bass-heavy rhythms reminiscent of the "Acid Crunk" and Dubstep sound. Gladkill has been seen performing with such Electronic acts as R/D, Eprom, Mux Mool, Martyparty, Mimosa, Lazer Sword, and others. "Everything inspires me. Silence is my canvas.