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Thursday October 11th 2012


An-Ten-Nae and 1015 Folsom Present






10P-3A / $15-$20 / 21+
VibeSquaD on Facebook
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Born amongst the rubble of a burned up speaker, VibeSquaD knows nothing but destroying the very thing he first laid eyes on. His infectious style of glitched out bass music is undoubtedly his calling in life, and like a fine wine, he continues to get better with age.


On the veteran producer’s most recent single, he unloads a charismatic anthem that will have tiny dance fans doing cartwheels from the sheer bliss this song provides. “HEATSiNK” is a momentous jam that opens up with some fancy drum patterns, which sets the scene for an unlimited supply of fresh synth work to come join the party. The track’s contagious fluctuation is able to strike up a perfect balance between tenaciously energetic and enticingly chilled out, while providing fans with something for all occasions. The visuals for the track are also worth a gander, which brings us back to the aforementioned tiny dancer, and were not talking about the classic Elton John song. “HEATSiNK’s video will take any viewer on a compelling and colorful journey, as VibeSquaD fills the shoes of Mr. Miyagi,and looks on as these karate kids unleash some compelling moves.


VibeSquaD proves one against that his rambunctious style of electronic creativity is unrivaled in his scene, and a huge influence on so many other producers.
Opiuo on Facebook
Opiuo on Soundcloud


Imagine a precisely blended concoction of tight irresistible grooves, chunk fueled bouncy beats, luscious brooding soundscapes, and a bowl of scrumptious glitch. Welcome to the musical world of Opiuo.


A self confessed music addict with a light hearted approach to life and art. Opiuo is at his best whilst hiding from the world, creating fun fueled music. Influences coming from everything, from life changing experiences, to mere cups of tea. Incorporating sounds as varied as jazz, reggae, funk, rock, psychedelia, and down right chunky goodness.


Originally from New Zealand, he now resides in Melbourne, where he has built an international reputation for his party fueling creations, and has been invited to play LIVE at major festivals and clubs all over Australia.


His music, now highly sought after, is rocking dance floors throughout the globe. With releases on American, European, and Australian labels about to drop.


Stand up, shake down, and get ready for a right ol stomp.


VibeSquaD- "Memberz onlY"
63,343 views on YouTube

VibeSquaD - Dangerface
9,352 views on YouTube

VibeSquaD - Aristocratic Static
7,958 views on YouTube

Opiuo - Butternut Slap EP
5,206 views on YouTube

Opiuo - Slurp And Giggle
38,677 views on YouTube

Opiuo - Robo Booty Live in Petaluma
12,747 views on YouTube


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