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an-ten-nae, Jocelyn, & 1015 Folsom Present



Boreta (Glitch Mob, Nasty Ways)
Bro Safari (Mad Decent)
OTT (Twisted UK)

CRNKN // David Starfire
Russ Liquid (Dj set) // WATAPACHI (Tokyo)

DubVirus // WALA // ♥ Jocelyn
Lil John // Kitty-D // Dulce Vita
Christian Le Portal // Ptah


FRIDAY, MAY 17TH, 2013
10P-4A / $20 / 21+ ONLY



Boreta - Bubblin' In The Cut
245,772 views on YouTube

The Glitch Mob - Beyond Monday
3,941,245 views on YouTube

Nasty Ways - Pass Me The Lazer Beam
72,956 views on YouTube

Bro Safari - Scumbag
343,416 views on YouTube

Watapachi - Love It
7,847 views on YouTube

Waka Flocka ft. Wale - No Hands (CRNKN Remix) [Trap]
43,153 views on YouTube

Boreta on Facebook



Justin Boreta is an electronic music producer whose study of the sonic experience is only outmatched by his bold experimental ambition. A founding member of The Glitch Mob, Boreta contributes a smart and solid ballast to this Los Angeles-based live electronics group that is known for its risk-taking style, intense performances and inspired hybridization of hip hop basslines and dance music beats.


Rising to popularity largely by MP3 file sharing amongst fans, grassroots social networking and feverous word-of-mouth buzz, The Glitch Mob's enthusiastic embrace of new technology stretches from the creation and delivery of their genre-defying sound to their inventive methods for engaging fans through online media.


Leveraging the chaos of the mutating music industry into fresh opportunities, this hard-touring trio has managed not only to share their music with an expansive global audience, but has also helped to ignite the passions of an entire underground community centered around sonic exploration and the bass-laden art of experience that the dance floor provides. In true pioneering West Coast spirit, The Glitch Mob fuses together sound, performance and technology into a new model for musical communication in this uncharted artistic era.


Bro Safari on Facebook



Bro Safari is the alter-ego of DJ and producer, Knick. He's already well-known and deeply established in the music scene as a result of his work with leading American Drum & Bass group Evol Intent. Not to mention, his wildly popular output as 1/2 of the genre-bending mash-up duo, Ludachrist.


While his production work spans the entire spectrum of bass music, Bro Safari has been relentless at pushing his unique take on the burgeoning Moombahton movement. As a result, Bro Safari is currently ushering in a wave of listeners to the genre and he is set to be an early champion of this new scene.


With support from artists like Diplo, DJ Craze, Knife Party and more, it's becoming increasingly apparent that Bro Safari is someone to keep an eye on in 2012 and beyond.